ilcs Indonesian Language and Culture Service

ILCS endeavors to give a maximum learning experience to the participants. To achieve this, ILCS provides teaching staff that have background in language teaching (master’s degree and doctorate) and experience in cross cultural communication locally or overseas.

ILCS uses a cultural and multimedia based thematic learning material and a communicative language teaching approach. The material is based on common problems faced by foreigners in Indonesia. It is expected that the participants will be able to master the language and to deal with any situations easily.

ILCS is committed to bring a convenient experience in learning Indonesian language and culture thoroughly. Therefore, we strive to facilitate participants with the following facilities:

  • Sponsorhip letter for study or socio-cultural visa
  • Pickup and transfer service at the airport/train station/bus terminal in Semarang
  • 1 day assistance for the orientation period
  • Air-conditioned and multimedia classrooms
  • Course kits, such as: handout, textbook, coffee break, stationary, and ILCS souvenirs
  • Library
  • Cafeteria
  • Free internet connection and WIFI
  • Indonesian newspapers
  • Friendly staff
  • Friendly host families
  • Free outdoor activities
  • Making reservation for transportation and performance tickets
  • Health clinic
  • Cars for rent