ilcs Indonesian Language and Culture Service

To introduce the culture and the natural attraction of Indonesia (and Java), participants can take the tourism program. They can see various shows ranging from wayang (Javanese shadow/human puppet) to dangdut (a popular Indonesian folk music) performances. Besides, they can play gamelan Jawa (Javanese traditional music instrument) and even take a cooking or batik making class. The participants can also enjoy Central Java’s famous historical landmarks and nature such as Borobudur and Prambanan temples, Dieng plateau and its surrounding temples, hike to the nine temples or Candi Gedongsongo, sunbathe on pristine Karimunjawa and Jepara beaches, and many more.

In this program, ILCS offers packages for the participants to choose. ILCS provides tour guides to help the participants in getting more information about the destinations.

Items Description Length of time Fee (USD)
Tour guide Tour guide’s fee is divided among all passengers Tour time 20
Transportation mode (rental) Bus (can carry up to 25 passengers) 1 day 150
Minibus (can carry up to 10 passengers) 1 day 100
Car (can carry up to 4 passengers) 1 day 50
Driver Driver’s fee is divided among all passengers Tour time 15
Nature Borobudur 1 day 30
Gedongsongo 1 day 20
Gua Kreo 1 day 15
Prambanan 1 day 30
Candi Boko 1 day 30
Candi Mendut 1 day 30
Dieng 1 day 35
Cultural Batik printing 1 day 15
Gamelan 1 day 15
Javanese dancing 1 day 15
Cooking class 1 day 25
Wood carving 1 day 20
Javanese bridal makeup 1 day 15
Dangdut 1 day 15
Human puppet 1 day 20
Shadow puppet 1 day 10
Others Based On Request